About Lakera

The AIĀ Security Company.

Lakera empowers developers to confidently build secure AI applications and deploy them at scale.




Zurich, Switzerland


15+ nationalities

AIĀ attacks detected

100K+ per day
We are leading and accelerating secure AI adoption.

Lakera was founded to empower developers and organizations to build and operate AI systems that are secure and safe.

Securing AI to solve world's biggest challenges.

AI holds tremendous potential to solve the most pressing global challenges. At the same time, its malfunctioning poses one of the greatest risks of our times - we are here to address it.

AIĀ Security
for AIĀ companies of all sizes.

Lakera delivers best-in-class AI security intelligence through developer first products.

We've created Gandalf for the AI community šŸ§™

Our game ā€œGandalfā€ has been played by millions ofĀ people around the world, making it the most popular AI security game in the world.

It has given us completely new insights into what it means to secure AI systems. Give it a go yourself and let us know what you think.

The Founders
A team with a decade of experience building AI for high-stakes environments.

ā€œWhen you build AI for aerospace, healthcare, and finance, the highest safety and security standards are naturally baked into everything you do. For AI to reach its full potential, we need to ensure these same standards are available to everyone.ā€

Co-founded by ex-Google and Meta ML engineers, Lakeraā€™s team combines practical expertise across AI, LLMs, and computer vision with deep regulatory and commercial experiences.

We are backed by world-leading investors.

Lakera is backed by some of the brightest minds in AI and cybersecurity from academia to enterprises.

and 20+ moreĀ AI and cybersecurity pioneers, including the founders of Snyk, CISOĀ Palo Alto Networks, SVPĀ Datadog, leading DeepMind researchers, and the Hammer Team.
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