Always active. All ways secure. Lakera unveils new branding.

We’re thrilled to unveil Lakera's new branding—a new identity for our company that reflects our strengthened commitment to empowering developers as they integrate cutting-edge GenAI applications.

Lakera Team
January 3, 2024
October 10, 2023
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Today, we are thrilled to unveil Lakera's new branding—a new identity for our company that reflects our strengthened commitment to empowering developers as they integrate cutting-edge GenAI applications.

Why the rebrand?

Since our founding in 2021, Lakera has experienced remarkable growth, expanding from three co-founders to a global team of more than 25 talented individuals and working together with world-leading organizations from day 1.

Our team brings a decade of experience in developing AI for high-stakes environments, across finance, healthcare, and aerospace.

As the new GenAI compute stack is evolving and advancing, so is the need for AI security.

Leveraging our extensive experience in building mission-critical AI systems, we found ourselves uniquely positioned to address these emerging challenges and expand to the AI security space. The result is Lakera Guard, our new product specifically designed for those building applications with LLMs and multimodal foundation models.

Throughout our journey, we secured funding, grew our team, and launched Gandalf, our AI education game, which attracted over a million players worldwide and became an online sensation. This expansion led us to develop one of the world's most advanced repositories of LLM attacks and foster one of the fastest growing communities of AI security experts and enthusiasts—Momentum.

As we expanded our focus from AI safety to also incorporate AI security, we realized a rebrand was necessary to convey a unified global message.

Our new brand reflects our data-driven approach to addressing AI security challenges at scale. We recognize that the next generation of products will be powered by AI and we are committed to guaranteeing their safety and security.

The founders

"New branding reinforces our commitment to supporting developers in building secure AI."

We're extremely proud to unveil our new branding today. We’ve grown considerably over the last months and wanted to reflect this growth externally with branding that signifies the journey Lakera is on.

Lakera's new branding reinforces our commitment to supporting developers in building safe and secure AI products.

As a company leading the charge in secure AI adoption for enterprises, we are delighted to have the trust of Fortune 500 companies, leading LLM providers, and startups as we continue to provide them with best-in-class AI security products.

In the fast-changing GenAI world, our new brand reflects our readiness to support developers in securing AI apps and safeguarding their organizations from cyber risks.

Unveiling Our New Branding

Effective today, our new visual identity has been rolled out across our website, social media, email communication, and soon, our products.

We've had the privilege of collaborating with one of the world's top design agencies — Koto, known for their work with Discord, Netflix, UberEats, Glassdoor, and other iconic companies.


Our new logo, a square formed by the letter "L" that stands for Lakera, embodies our mission to empower developers to swiftly secure their AI systems against threats, enabling them to focus on creating next-gen AI products with confidence.

Colors & Typography

Additionally, we've expanded and updated our color palette, offering a broader range of colors that complement our familiar blue.

‍These new colors embody the essence of our brand, encapsulating the concept of "Move fast and break through," and showcase the distinct personality of Lakera.

In addition, we've given our typography a makeover, which you'll encounter on our website, in our presentations, and across various materials, including our swag—from stickers to T-shirts.

We can’t wait to show you all the new things we’ve been working on at conferences and our upcoming events!

Brand Elements

Finally, we've introduced new brand elements that perfectly capture our brand's core concept and value proposition.

With security at the heart of our mission, “we give threats nowhere to hide” isn't merely a slogan; it embodies our dedication to empower organizations to safeguard their GenAI apps from vulnerabilities.

While our brand has evolved, our commitment to developers remains unwavering as we continue to deliver the most developer-centric products that enable them to confidently build secure AI systems and deploy them at scale.

Big thank you to everyone involved at Koto and Lakera for making this happen!

Get in touch

Our team is growing, and we're actively recruiting across all departments. For career opportunities, visit our careers page and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates.

If you're interested in partnering with us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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