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Lakera Recognized in Gartner's GenAI Security Risks Report

Gartner's report on GenAI security risks recognizes Lakera's solutions.

Lakera Team
April 5, 2024
April 5, 2024
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Lakera's security solutions have been acknowledged in Gartner's "Emerging Tech: Top 4 Security Risks of GenAI" report, highlighting the evolving challenges and security threats introduced by generative AI technologies.

This report underlines the critical security vulnerabilities associated with LLMs and GenAI, emphasizing the need for advanced security strategies to safeguard against these risks. It identifies primary concerns around privacy, data security, attack efficiency, misinformation, and identity fraud as key areas for focus.

Lakera's mention in the report shows the role we play in developing effective security measures against GenAI-related threats, particularly emphasizing our capabilities in detecting and mitigating risks.

For professionals in the AI security field, Gartner's report offers invaluable insights and recommendations for addressing GenAI security challenges.

We’re proud to be contributing to the safer deployment of AI technologies across industries.

The full Gartner report is available here.

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