Lakera Named as Europe’s Leader in AI Security by Sifted

Lakera makes the list of top startups to watch in 2024, and is named a leader in LLM security in a poll among investors conducted by Sifted.

Lakera Team
February 7, 2024
February 6, 2024
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Lakera has been recognized as a leader in the cybersecurity industry, specifically in securing large language models (LLMs). 

This distinction highlights our company's role in addressing the need for effective AI security solutions against growing cyber threats.

Investors from the likes of Balderton Capital have noticed Lakera Guard and its effectiveness against prompt injections, data loss, and harmful content.


This recognition by and leading investors not only validates our efforts but also marks an exciting milestone for Lakera.

We’re grateful that our commitment to advancing AI security and protecting the digital ecosystem is getting increasingly noticed.

David Haber, CEO and Co-founder at Lakera

Beyond our products, we’re also dedicated to raising awareness and educating the industry on cybersecurity threats.

Our educational game, Gandalf, is designed to highlight the dangers of prompt injection attacks, demonstrating our holistic approach to AI security.

We’d like to thank our team, partners, and the cybersecurity community for their support and trust in our vision.

Together, we’re making significant strides in creating a safer AI-powered future.

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