Lakera Earns a Spot on the Financial Times' Tech Champions List for IT & Cyber Security

Financial Times lists Lakera in Tech Champions 2023 for our contributions to AI security.

Lakera Team
January 22, 2024
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The Financial Times (FT) has recognized Lakera on its "Tech Champions 2023" list in the IT & Cyber Security category, highlighting our expertise in making artificial intelligence safe and secure.

This year, the FT’s Tech Champions list particularly emphasizes the emergence of AI as a critical area of global technology.

Companies were nominated by FT readers earlier this year for their innovative solutions to problems ranging from the energy transition and deforestation to AI biases and healthcare issues.

Among the nominees, Lakera has made a noteworthy impression in IT & Cyber Security.

Our software suite helps developers build secure AI applications by securing them against various AI vulnerabilities.

"Being recognized among Switzerland's top startups is a clear sign that our dedication to secure AI is resonating. This is just the beginning for Lakera, and we are excited to continue advancing the safety of AI applications."

David Haber, CEO of Lakera

Following an extensive review of numerous nominations, FT journalists narrowed down the candidates. A panel of judges then meticulously selected the winners for each of the nine sectors.

Lakera's inclusion in this list is not only an accolade; it also underscores the essential part we play in safeguarding the trajectory of AI technology.

The Tech Champions list, currently in its third installment, serves as recognition from both FT readers and industry experts of the critical nature and influence of our work.

As AI becomes more deeply integrated into our digital existence, Lakera remains dedicated to its secure and dependable implementation.

We encourage our clients, partners, and the broader AI community to examine the full list, which honors the contemporary era's trailblazers and pioneers.

As we persist in our mission to protect AI from frontline threats, Lakera takes pride in being esteemed for our contributions to a field that continues to unveil new possibilities and calls for further exploration.

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