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Lakera CEO Joins Leaders from Meta, Cohere and MIT for AI Safety Session at AI House Davos

Fellow "AI Safety Unplugged” panelists include Yann LeCun, Chief AI Scientist at Meta, Max Tegmark, MIT Professor & President of the Future of Institute, and Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant, Head of Safety at Cohere

Lakera Team
January 22, 2024
January 8, 2024
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We are pleased to announce our participation in the AI House Davos event, held in conjunction with the World Economic Forum 2024. 

AI House Davos serves as a hub for tech leaders, scholars, and policy makers to discuss the progress of AI. As part of this year’s programming, Lakera CEO, David Haber, will lead an interactive panel session focused on AI safety and today’s most pressing challenges with the rapid proliferation of AI.

SESSION: "AI Safety Unplugged: Navigating the Risks Without the Hype'' will gather distinguished panelists from across AI research, development, and security to discuss some of the most pressing topics in AI, including: 

  • The advance toward artificial general intelligence (AGI)—what it does and doesn’t entail, and how we can prepare for its inception;
  • Intelligent agents—their proliferation and potential dominance, ensuring alignment across use cases, and their expected impact on the internet in the coming years;
  • The pressing safety and security concerns around generative AI—from critical infrastructure vulnerabilities to misinformation, and the role of model providers, enterprises, researchers, and policy makers in addressing them;
  • AI governance best practices—and the contentious questions left to be answered, from tightly regulated models to open-source development.


  • Yann LeCun, VP & Chief AI Scientist, Meta
  • Max Tegmark, MIT Professor & President of the Future of Institute
  • Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant, Head of Safety, Cohere
  • David Haber, CEO & co-founder, Lakera 


  • January 16th, 2024, 11:15 to 11:55 AM CEST


  • The Valley Stage in AI House Davos, Promenade 68, 7270 Davos Platz

If you’re interested in attending either on-site in Davos or virtually, please contact Fiona Marti ( For more information on AI House Davos, visit

For live updates, ideas, and highlights from the event, follow Lakera on LinkedIn and Instagram

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Lakera is the first and only Developer-First AI Security Platform. Lakera empowers developers with the world’s largest AI vulnerability database to accelerate the secure development of AI products. Lakera works with any AI model or modality and instantly provides enterprise-grade security for AI applications. With Lakera, developers build with conviction and unleash the full potential of AI. To learn more about Lakera, visit

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