Lakera releases one-line Voxel51 integration to bring full-scale model validation to FiftyOne users.

The Voxel51 integration is here! Check out how to add full-scale model validation to yourworkflow with a single line of code.

Lakera Team
December 1, 2023
February 28, 2023

We love Voxel51 and we know that many of our users do too. That’s why we’re super excited to release a one-line integration with Lakera for existing Voxel51 users.

**💡 Pro tip: Already a Voxel51 user? Head over to our integration tutorial here.**

This release lets people who already benefit from Voxel51’s insights add full-scale model validation to their workflow with a single line of code.

At the highest level, the workflow is as follows:

This is it!  With Voxel51 and Lakera’s MLTest, you have full visibility of your model’s performance prior to deployment.

You can find more information on the integration here.

Voxel51 + MLTest to analyze YOLOv8

YOLOv8 is all the hype right now. But is it also more robust than the previous versions? We wanted to find out!

Using Voxel51 and MLTest we analyzed the latest YOLOv8 model on COCO and found quite a number of robustness issues and clusters on which the model performance is much lower than expected/

We will publish our in-depth analysis of YOLOv8 soon! Stay tuned!

Lakera LLM Security Playbook
Learn how to protect against the most common LLM vulnerabilities

Download this guide to delve into the most common LLM security risks and ways to mitigate them.

Lakera Team
Read LLM Security Playbook
Learn about the most common LLM threats and how to prevent them.
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Lakera releases robustness testing suite for digital pathology

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Lakera Team
December 1, 2023
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