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Product Peek: Lakera’s Enterprise-Grade Content Moderation Deep Dive

6:00 pm
June 26, 2024
Sweyn Venderbush
Head of Product at Lakera
June 26, 2024

Join Sweyn Venderbush, Head of Product at Lakera AI for a hands-on session exploring Lakera’s enterprise-grade Content Moderation capabilities.

As enterprises of all sizes roll out GenAI-powered experiences to their users and employees for the first time, it’s critical that they have the necessary controls in place to ensure that their LLMs behave as expected. Profane, sexual, or hateful content represents significant reputational risks.

In this session, we’ll share more about how Lakera Guard helps protect enterprises from these risks using a unique product approach specifically targeted at the requirements of enterprise GenAI use cases.

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Join this session to:

  • Learn about Lakera Guard’s Content Moderation capabilities and unique advantages compared to other solutions.
  • Hear about the recent Content Moderation feature and performance improvements launched in the past few weeks.
  • Explore sample use cases for Lakera Guard’s Content Moderation.
  • Learn how to get started today with Lakera Guard’s Content Moderation API.
Sweyn Venderbush
Head of Product at Lakera

Sweyn Venderbush is Head of Product at Lakera. Prior to joining Lakera, Sweyn lead product teams at Google and DispatchHealth. Sweyn is based in San Francisco and outside of work, enjoys surfing, traveling, and a good non-fiction book.

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