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The World’s Most Advanced AI Security Platform

Protect your organization from any AI threat with the security platform of choice for enterprises around the world.

Lakera is featured in:


Lakera featured in Gartner GenAI security research.


Lakera recognized by NIST for mitigating AI security threats.


Lakera CEO joins leaders from Meta and Cohere for AI safety session at the WEF 2024.


Enterprise-grade protection against GenAI risks

Deploying GenAI requires a paradigm shift in cybersecurity. Lakera's AI Security platform provides 360-degree protection for leading enterprises.

Prompt Injection

Detect and address direct and indirect prompt injections in real-time, preventing potential harm to your application.

Unsafe Content

Ensure your GenAI applications do not violate your organization's policies by detecting harmful and insecure output.

PII & Data Loss

Safeguard sensitive PII and avoid costly data losses, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Data Poisoning

Prevent data poisoning attacks on your AI systems through rigorous red teaming simulations pre-and-post LLM deployment.

Insecure LLM Plugin Design

Protect your applications against the risk of code execution and other attacks stemming from poorly designed LLM plugins and other 3rd party tools.


Secure your entire AI ecosystem, end-to-end.


Lakera Guard

Protect your GenAI applications from the most common AI security threats at runtime.

Get started in minutes and just a few lines of code.

Deploy it on the cloud or self-hosted.

Benefit from Lakera’s continuously evolving threat intelligence.

Learn more

Lakera Red


Helps you automatically stress-test your AI systems to detect and address potential attacks prior to deployment.

Red brings the safety and security assessments you need to your GenAI development workflows.

Learn more

Leading enterprises, foundation model providers, and startups trust Lakera to protect their AI.

Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant

Head of Safety at Cohere

We have been impressed throughout our collaboration with Lakera.

The team has extensive expertise and deep understanding of complex security challenges like prompt injection attacks and other AI security threats. We look forward to continuing to work together to address these.


Setting industry security standards for enterprise AI.


real-world vulnerabilities detected


of the vulnerabilities found are critical

< 5mins

to integrate Lakera

Lightning fast APIs. 
Devs loved, hacker hated.

Integrates with your products in minutes.

Continuously evolving threat intelligence.

Works with any model and stack.

“Our team was looking for a tool to safeguard against prompt injection attacks and PII leakage due to our sensitive data.
Our search led us to Lakera Guard, which we seamlessly integrated and tested right away.

With its quick setup, robust capabilities, multi-language and environment versatility, it's the security solution we've been searching for.”

Senior Security Engineer at Juro

“We run workflows for enterprise clients with stringent compliance needs. Our PII and prompt injection protections needed to be battle-tested, but also configurable. We evaluated several solutions, and Lakera was a clear winner.

It is simple to integrate, has the right configurations out of the box and an architecture that met all of our needs.”

Matthew Rastovac,CEO & Founder at Respell

Lakera’s Advantage: Why Choose Us

Here are more reasons why leading AI companies choose Lakera Guard to protect their GenAI applications against AI security threats.

Powered by the world’s most advanced AI threat database.

Lakera Guard's capabilities are based on proprietary databases that combine insights from GenAI applications, Gandalf, open-source data, and our dedicated ML research.

Works with any LLM and any system.

Whether you are using GPT-X, Claude, Bard, LLaMA, or your own LLM, you stay in control. Lakera Guard is designed to fit seamlessly into your current setup.

Developer-first, enterprise-ready.

Lakera is SOC2 and GDPR compliant. We follow the highest security and privacy standards to ensure that your data is protected at all times.

Aligned with global AI security frameworks.

Lakera’s products are developed in line with world’s renowned security frameworks, including OWASP Top 10 for LLMs, MITRE's ATLAS, and NIST.

Flexible deployment options.

Use our highly-scalable SaaS API or self-host Lakera Guard in your environment to easily secure all of your GenAI use cases across your organization.

Who is it for?


For Security teams

Teams across your organization are building GenAI products which create exposure to AI-specific risks.

Your existing security solutions don’t address the new AI threat landscape.

You don't have a system to identify and flag LLM attacks to your SOC team.

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For Product teams

You have to secure your LLM applications without compromising latency.

Your product teams are building AI applications or using 3rd party AI applications without much oversight.

Your LLM apps are exposed to untrusted data and you need a solution to prevent that data from harming the system.

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For LLM builders

You need to demonstrate to customers that their LLM applications are safe and secure.

You want to build GenAI applications but the deployment is blocked or slowed down because of security concerns.

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We’ve created Gandalf for the AI community.

Our game “Gandalf” has been played by millions of people around the globe, making it the world's largest AI red team.

It has given us completely new insights into what it means to secure AI systems. Give it a go yourself.

Try Gandalf

Secure your GenAI today.

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