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Feedback Loop in ML

A feedback loop in Machine Learning (ML) is a process where the model’s predictions are continually used as new input data to refine the model. This iterative and circular process allows the machine learning algorithm to learn from its mistakes and improve its performance over time. The goal is to minimize the difference between the predicted output and the actual output, thus improving the accuracy of predictions.

How Feedback Loop in ML works

The mechanism of a feedback loop involves the following steps:

  1. Input Data: The initial data is fed to the machine learning model.
  2. Model Predictions: Based on the input data, the model makes predictions.
  3. Evaluation: These predictions are compared to actual outcomes to evaluate the accuracy of the model.
  4. Feedback: The difference between the prediction and the actual outcome, termed as the error, is fed back into the model as an input.
  5. Refinement: The model uses this feedback to adjust its parameters, learn from the error, and improve the future predictions.
  6. Iterative Process: This entire process is repeated over and over, creating a loop where each iteration refines the model.

The feedback loop is fundamental to self-improving systems, allowing the model to adapt and evolve as new data comes in. It is particularly used in reinforcement learning, where an agent learns to behave in an environment by performing certain actions and observing the results or feedback. The aim is to reinforce desirable actions and discourage undesirable ones, hence the term "reinforcement learning".

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