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Ethical AI

Ethical AI refers to the principle that artificial intelligence (AI) systems should be designed and used in a manner that adheres to widely accepted ethical values and standards. It emphasizes the consideration of fairness, transparency, accountability, and privacy throughout the lifecycle of an AI system.

The goal is to prevent biases, discrimination, or harm, and promote the overall wellbeing of all stakeholders involved.

Ethical AI in practice

Implementing ethical AI involves various stages and considerations. Initially, it starts with the design of the algorithm. The inputs used to train the AI must be representative of all the categories to prevent biases. The data used for training should also respect privacy rights, obtained with consent, and anonymized to protect users' identities.

During the AI development, coders and AI developers should adhere to ethical principles to mitigate risks associated with AI. AI engineers, for instance, should be aware of the potential inherent biases in their program design process and work to minimize them.

When it comes to AI deployment, it's crucial to consider the potential social impacts and unintended consequences of the application. Stakeholders should monitor and evaluate the AI's performance and impacts continuously to ensure it remains within the ethical boundaries set.

Moreover, ethical AI involves making the AI systems transparent and explainable. It implies that stakeholders should be able to understand how AI is making decisions. If an AI system makes a mistake, there should be accountability, and developers should be able to find out what went wrong.

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