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Continuous Validation

Continuous validation is an aspect of the DevOps approach where the software product is verified and validated at every step of the production process. It encompasses practices like continuous testing, integration, and deployment, aimed at ensuring that the product is always in a releasable state.

How Continous Validation works

Continuous validation works by incorporating validation processes throughout the DevOps pipeline. It begins with the developers writing the code. As they commit changes, automated testing tools are triggered to validate the code for any errors or potential issues. This is known as Continuous Testing and ensures that the software is always tested even with the smallest change.

The validated code is then integrated with the existing codebase—a process known as Continuous Integration. This step ensures that the new code works seamlessly with the existing code and helps to identify integration issues early.

After integration, the software is deployed to a production-like environment for further testing. This step, known as Continuous Deployment, ensures that the software is always in a state where it could be released to production.

These practices, coupled with a feedback loop, keep the team informed about the product's status and any potential issues. The team can then act on this feedback and make necessary changes, thereby increasing the product's quality and reducing the time to market. Overall, Continuous Validation is about validating the product at each stage of production to ensure that it is always ready to be released.

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