Real-World LLM Exploits

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Explore real-world LLM breaches presented by Lakera Red Team.


Explore AI security with the Lakera LLM Security Playbook. This guide is a valuable resource for everyone looking to understand the risks associated with AI technologies.

Ideal for professionals, security enthusiasts, or those curious about AI, the playbook offers insight into the challenges and solutions in AI security.


  • Comprehensive Analysis of LLM Vulnerabilities: Detailed overview of critical security risks in LLM applications.
  • Gandalf - The AI Education Game: Introduction to Gandalf, an online game designed for learning about AI security.
  • Expansive Attack Database: Insights from a database of nearly 30 million LLM attack data points, updated regularly.
  • Lakera Guard - Security Solution: Information about Lakera Guard, developed to counteract common AI threats.‍
  • Practical Security Advice: Tips on data sanitization, PII detection, and keeping up-to-date with AI security developments.



Discover the latest in AI security with Lakera's deep-dive into real-world LLM exploits. 

In this document, we present practical challenges and vulnerabilities encountered by the Lakera Red team in the deployment of Large Language Models.


  • Exploration of Recent LLM Vulnerabilities: Detailed examination of various exploits identified in real-world scenarios.
  • Case Studies and Exploit Analysis: Insightful case studies demonstrating how these vulnerabilities can be exploited.
  • Strategies for Mitigation: Recommendations and strategies for protecting LLM applications against these security challenges.